We Thank the Lord Jesus Christ that His Mercy Knows No Limits!

This use to be a blogspot of a man that was very angry at God. I was angry at God for many years. I just would not admit it. I recently came to the place I rejected the exisetence of God. At least I thought I did. I would curse God and go out of my way to curse God's people. I hit lower than rock bottom and denied that God existed. In ignorance I blasphemened the Holy Spirit.
Over the last month I would hear gospel songs being sang in an audible voice. I would search through the house and nowhere was their any music playing. I tried to ignore these voices singing of God's faithfulness. I even told myself I was receiving bleed over signals in my house from strong raidio towers or through eletronic gagets in the house were picking them up. More and more this happened.
Last Monday night I heard a choral sing, "Great is thy Faitfulness." I walked across the house and I asked my wife, "Honey are you singing any gospel hymns?" She said no. "It has to be a feedback signal bleeding through some gadget. " I would tell myself.
On Tuesday morning I woke up hearing the old hymnal, "I Know Whom I Have Believed". And a soft gentle voice saying, "I will never let you go. I am faithful. Even if you are unfaithful I remain faithful to keep those which the Father has given to me."
Tuesday morning with my ears I heard more songs, "Great is Thy Faithfulness" and "Come unto me."
I went to my wife, we prayed together. I repented before the Lord and turned to Jesus asking him through so much sorrow and humility to forgive me and restore me , and I heard in my ears, "Dane I love you. Your sins are all gone, buried forever in the sea of my forgetfullness and you are my son."
And fuck you fundie! I am just bullshitting you! Non of the above is true!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Epistle to the Hebrews

I will add to and edit my posts about my study of the Epistle to the Hebrews. When you visit you will notice additions and editing of the articles and the posts of the Bible studies. I am not using any Biblical commentaries. I will. I believe we should. But I desire to study the Scriptures first without these aids and share what God has revealed to me and then study the commentaries of more learned people and know where I need to improve and discover the areas I could be mistaken about too. I will do my best to quote the sources of the scholars I learn from.
So far there are three wonderful nuggets of truth I received from the Epistle to the Hebrews are:
1. The customs, feasts, keeping of certain days for celebration and observance and tabernacle items were types teaching us important truths:
That the outer court represented man's fallen state. His sin and the admission he is a sinful creature and all he does, says, and thinks are infected with sin.
The inner court represented the unchanging eternal Holy God. That Holiness is not what God does but what He is.
2. The outer court and all the tedious hard and detailed rules and customs represent that no matter how good man tries to be, no matter if he follows every rule and demand of God to obey Him, it still will never be good and worthy enough to meet the standards and stand before the presence of the perfect Holy God.
I learned from the Epistle of the Hebrews that my best offerings, my best efforts, my greatest gifts to God are infected with sin in and of themselves because these things come from a fallen creature. This is why the sin offerings had to be repeated over and over again and sacrifice of the Day of Atonement was offered annually because these sacrifices offerings were never good enough because they were tainted with sin.
3. Jesus Christ lived among men sinless represented by the outer court. He died outside of Jerusalem to be the perfect sin offering for all those God chose to enter His New Jerusalem, (peace with God forever). He was then worthy to enter the inner court before the very presence of the Holy God and because His sacrifice was not tainted with sin He was able to make our Atonement eternal.
[I realize my explanations of what I learned so far is sloppy in grammar. I hope and pray to get better. ]
Another thought that came to me from studying the Epistle to the Hebrews is that when we claim to have to do the do's and not do the not's to remain saved we are being arrogant, carnal, and very sinful in the eyes of God. For we, the sinful creature, are stating our own efforts we do in the outer court is perfect and makes us worthy to approach the inner court and Holy of Holies. This is so wicked and sinfully prideful! For we in this sinful arrogance are robbing Jesus Christ of His glory. For only His sacrifice is perfect.
This does not mean that we can sin and not care. What it does mean is that we should do our best as God enables us, to live out of respect and awe for the One whose gift of Atonement was able to save us once and for all time.
One day we will leave this outer court and walk into the inner court and the Almighty God that reigns from his throne of the Holy of Holies will declare us righteous because the Sacrifice is eternally perfect!
And why do you stupid ass fundies believe in this shit anyways? Ahh, see how easy it is to fool fundies!


feeno said...

I just happened to be over at Joe E Holman's blog (Very interesting guy)
and clicked on your name. WOW, you could imagine my surprise as I was reading your new blog. I got big ole goose bumps as I started reading, and tears began rolling down my cheeks. (please don't tell anyone)

You were the 2nd person I ever talked to on the computer. Mr. Loftus was the 1st. But I remember our conversation that night. Actually if you read my blog on "If I became an Atheist" you are the former pastor I mention.

God is good, so good he gave a good ole boy like you a wonderful loving and praying wife.

I'm sorry the church or other Christians treated you so bad. Unfortunately I see others as well who have been abused either by religion or the religious. Maybe God will direct some of those who have been abused to your site?

I will be praying for you. Thanks for sharing your story.

Peace, feeno

Dane Eidson said...

Thanks. The last thing I expected to happen was God would through His Soverign Grace prove to me He is real.
I do not deserve any thanks. I do not understand why God would save me. All I know is while I was in the very acts of mocking and blaspheming Jesus Christ and His children, He saved me by His Grace alone.
Give praise and thanks to Jesus Christ. He is the One that has done the work.